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Molly Janschutz

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27 years old
lake zurich
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Remembering Gabby

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My name is Molly and i am a dear friend of Gabbys. We grew up together; gabs, i, and the sprinkle girls. Whats so crazy is that friends can come and go, but gabby was one forever. ever since we were young, we still hung out almost every day to THIS day. Even growing up, we always had the same friends, and never a week went by when we didnt see each other or keep in contact. this means something here. i had something special with gabby. not just a friendship, but a sisterhood. Gabby was also apart of my family and she loved we could make her feel right at home. My sisters Emily, Caitlin and my brother Thomas were ALL so fond of gabby. they loved here personality, silliness and sarcasticness, as do i. she made them all feel so comfortable around her and they all really did love her presence. now my mom, Lori, is completly crushed. Gabby was one of my friends who would come up to my moms room, jump on the bed and just chit chat and laugh. my mom loved when friends like gabbby came over because she loves and treats my friends like daughters; kara, colleen, gabby, steph, all my life long girls. when i found out my sister had left me forever, i was beyond crushed. Losing gabby is something that hurts my insides, twists and tears them apart. only being able to have memories of someone you love so much really sucks. they say smile and think of the good times, but all i want is her. the real life, in my face, silly ol' gabbers. she is someone so bright, beautiful, wonderful, CRAZY, outgoing, and so so so special to me. i ask myself why this honestly has to be real every damn day. life is so confusing and difficult to understand and i really wish i knew it all. but really, no words can express the pain im feeling when i want gabby right here right now. but what tares me up EVEN more is.... gabbys family. if im really hurting this bad.. i cant even imagine the pain they're all going through and it hurts me even worse. Gabbys mom callled her 10 times a day, every day if gabby wasnt at home. we would be at my house and her mom would call just to ask where she was, what was she was doing, and to tell her that she loves her. Teresa's baby girl is gone, forever. i wish there was something we could do to get our gabby back but we just cant. but like they say, all we have are memories now, and we must take advantage of them. we must take advantage of them and comfort one another. those are the most imprtant things that we can do now. we can also try our HARDEST to find the one who killed our gabbby. accident or not, they fled the scene of the crime and left gabbys family and friends devistated. i miss her more than i enjoy life right now and it hurts. it hurts that my best friend doesnt get to live life anymore. if only i could get her back, i could be bettter again. i love you miss Gabbers, Gabeson, Gibbby, Gabe, my dearest, best friend... FOREVER

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